Collaborations are special songs that usually are done with another artist. They usually aren't available on Van's CDs, either. I've listed all of her collaborations below, in chronological order. New collaborations are always displayed on the first page.

Also, please note the following:

Bold links = done solo, but still part of Do As Infinity
Regular links = done as a solo artist

There are two ways you can sample the songs:

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Lastly, to make the pages load faster, the collaborations have been split into several pages (hence why I color-coded/alternated the links).

regular text (no link) = song not available yet

  1. Drive me nuts (Original Version)
  2. Drive me nuts (Cyber TRANCE mix)
  3. again (Original Version)
  4. again (TATSUMAKI Remix)
  5. El Dorado
  6. Hold me...
  7. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
  8. TRUTH '94 -meets Tomiko Van-
  9. manacles
  10. Dance!
  12. Tsubasa no uta

12) Tsubasa no uta

CD cover
(Album - 11 tracks)

+Produced by: tearbridge records (part of avex trax)
+Catalogue #: NFCD-27144
+Release Date: January 21, 2009

+More Info:
This is Van's second collaboration with Kohey Tsuchiya. Their first collaboration was "MUSIC FLOWER", which featured six other artists, including Maki Ohguro and Mika Nakashima. (^^) "MUSIC FLOWER" is also available on this album; it's track 5.

Despite the famous people on "MUSIC FLOWER", I thought the song was very boring. And sadly, I think "Tsubasa no uta" is just as boring...if not even more boring. This definitely isn't one of Van's best songs (in fact, she sounds off-key in a few places), but the song is tolerable.

If they ever collaborate again, I hope he makes better music next time. ^^;

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1) Drive me nuts (Original Version)

CD cover
Drive me nuts
(CD Single - 2 tracks)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-30463
+Release Date: April 23, 2003

+More Info:
This song was done with Cyber X, which is a group of trance DJs from around the world. More specifically, Van did this song by herself, with German arranger/producer Ramon Zenker.

This single had a limit release; only 50,000 copies were made. However, there are still a few copies available at CDJapan. ^^

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2) Drive me nuts (Cyber TRANCE mix)

CD cover
Cyber TRANCE presents J-TRANCE
(Album - 12 tracks)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-17344
+Release Date: September 10, 2003

+More Info:
This remix was NOT done by Cyber X. It was done by a man called DJ Dragon.

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3) again (Original Version)

CD cover
song nation
(Charity Album - 10 tracks)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-17065
+Release Date: January 23, 2002

+More Info:
This album was released for charity (supposedly, in memory of the 9/11 victims), and features many of avex's best artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, globe, and Every Little Thing.

Just like "Drive me nuts", Van did this song by herself, but it's often credited as a "Do As Infinity" song, too.

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4) again (TATSUMAKI Remix)

CD cover
song nation 2: Trance
(Remix Album - 14 tracks)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-17096
+Release Date: March 6, 2002

+More Info:
As stated by CDJapan, this CD is "a remix album of the charity CD, 'VARIOUS ARTISTS FEATURING songnation.' Zento is the nationwide Trance event that happened at the end of 2001. Tracks are remixed version of the album that came out on January 23, 2002. Contains 14 tracks, including AYUMI HAMASAKI & KEIKO's 'a song is born' [Keiko is from the group 'globe'], and NAMIE AMURO & VERBAL's 'lovin' it.' [Verbal is a rapper/member of the group 'm-flow']".

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5) El Dorado

CD cover
(Album - 10 tracks)

+Produced by: Cutting Edge
+Catalogue #: CTCR-1803
+Release Date: March 27, 2002

+More Info:
First, let me apologize for the scary/creepy cover. (xD) Yes, that IS a picture of a butt. And it WAS slapped. VERY HARD. o_O

Second, not too much is known about atami. I'm not even sure if "atami" is a group, or one person. I do like their music though; it's unique. (^^) "El Dorado" (despite it's BAD "Engrish") is pretty nice overall.

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