Both Versions Were Nearly The Same
»CHERII (Cherry) - both versions have almost the exact same tempo (and they're both okay songs. I'm not a huge fan of either version, to be honest. [^^;] But the songs ARE starting to grow on me.)

»You're the Only... - I LOVE the original version (the music, vocals, and chorus are really good). And Van's version is just as powerful. (^^) The only thing I don't like about Van's version is that the sound effects at the end are a little...too long. xD

»Tooku Tooku - I LOVE this song! The original version is so catchy, simple, and fun. (^^) Van's version is a bit more flashy: there are more instruments, and they added a few new melodies...but the main melody is still the same.

The music and vocals are great in both songs, so I like both versions a lot. (^^) Although I like the original version just a little bit more.

»Seishun no Kage - both versions are simple, pretty songs. They're both nicely done. =)

»ZOO - Ugh, I hate this song (especially the original version). It's waaay too frickin' long, and the original is too darn boring. (><;) Van tried to make it more fun and energetic, and it somewhat worked...but I still don't really like this song. Let me put it another way: if Van's version just suddenly started playing, I might listen to it, but I doubt I'd select the song and play it myself.