I Liked Van's Cover/Remake Better
»Boku wa Koko ni Iru - the original version is just too slow/long for me (the original music, and singer, are too...monotone). Van does a much better job, plus I LOVE her music. ^^

»Sakura - both versions are almost exactly the same, but I like Van's version a bit better. I think she hits the high notes better than Naotaro does. =)

»IT'S ONLY LOVE - the original version is kinda dull, but Van seems to make the song more lively (maybe because her tempo is faster?). I'm still not really a fan of this song, but Van's version is MUCH better in my opinion.

»OH MY LITTLE GIRL - the original song is slow and somewhat boring. Van's version is slow too, but MAN -- her voice (and her music) has so much more energy in it. (^^) Van REALLY made this song fantastic. In fact, I think this is Van's best, most creative remake.

»Oh Pretty Woman - Van's English isn't super great, but the music and her singing really bring this song to life. As for the original version...I don't like it. It's very boring for some reason...plus I don't like Roy Orbison's voice. =\