Here's a list of interviews Van gave as a solo artist. (^^) All interviews will open in a new window.

Unfortunately, this section isn't complete, but hopefully I'll find more interviews soon (and hopefully Van will give more interviews in the future). Also, a lot of the interviews aren't translated yet, but hopefully they'll be translated soon. If there's any way you can help (i.e., donating interviews or volunteering to translate), please email me and let me know!

(Mar-4-2008) JaMe U.S.A. Interview - donated by ANNA
(Apr-29-2008) Nippon Project Interview

»"Van." Promotional Interview
(Nov-10-2008) mu-mo Interview - translation by shidosan


»"BKLYN (Brooklyn)" Promotional Interview
(Feb-16-2007) e+ Theatrix! - donated by Oasis Heart3

»"Voice 2" Promotional Interview
(Mar-8-2008) Video Interview (3 parts) - donated by jwill

»"Tokyo Biyori" Promotional Interviews
(Jun-27-2008) escala café Interview - donated by ANNA
(??-?-2008) at home web Interview - donated by ANNA