Nippon Project - Interview with Tomiko Van
(April 29, 2008 - by Hisashi and puka. Original article from this site.)

Nippon Project: In 2004 Do As Infinity performed for the first time in USA, in Dallas and in New York, how did you feel during that experience?

Tomiko Van: I could not believe it when the live in the US was confirmed! I was very excited. I like the audience in the U.S. since they seem to freely enjoy the live in their own way unlike in Japan and I think that?s very cool. When I saw the fans singing together, I felt in my heart that there are no borders in music. I would love to do a live again!!

NP: Do you want to come back to America? Would you like to tour Europe?

Tomiko Van: Yes! I?ve traveled in Europe on my own and I found it very attractive. I love it. Last year, I visited Paris, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Napoli and Capri Island. I?m interested in Spain and London now. If there is a chance, I?d like to do a European tour. So, please invite me!

NP: Your last album was ?Voice ~cover you with love~?, and your next album will be ?Voice2~cover you with rock~?. How did you choose which songs to cover for these albums?

Tomiko Van: Last year I released ?VOICE ~ cover you with love ~?. The next album is the second volume of it. I wanted to have a different approach from the previous album in ?VOICE 2 ~ cover lovers rock ~?. It is finished in the rock taste. From the many songs I had written for it, I chose the classics with impressive melodies and lyrics that every Japanese person knows. They are mostly written by singer-song-writers. Singing male artists? songs was a special new challenge in this album. It was an interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile task to transform the character and the world of each song into a differently colored one with new arrangement, instruments and voice.

NP: With how many songs you've written over the years, is there any one in particular that's really special to you?

Tomiko Van: ?Hold me?? is the special one. The melodious tune and the honest lyrics are very cute. I can feel with it. It feels as if this song warms my heart.

NP: Are there any artists that you consider an influence, or look up to? Who is your favorite artist in Japan and overseas?

Tomiko Van: I am influenced by various artists. Always. Every day! It is very difficult to name just one or a few. I usually listen to music across genres; classical, metal, club music, etc. I listen to anything. My recent favorites are Coldplay and Alicia Keys. I have always liked U2 very much for a long time.

NP: Last year you had the leading part in ?Brooklyn - the Musical?, how did you feel about performing in theater?

Tomiko Van: When I first heard about playing this role, I was confused, to be honest. But, after reading the screenplay and listening to the music, I decided to challenge it. The most important determining factor was the music. Of course, the vocalization was different from usual for me and a lot of work, but with the help of the cast and the staff, I was able to complete the work.

NP: You took part in the movie ?HEAT ISLAND?, too. What can you say about that experience?

Tomiko Van: This was the first real acting and a nice experience. Thanks to the advice from the director, I was able to play naturally.

NP: Do you play any instruments?

Tomiko Van: I started practicing playing the guitar.

NP: What are your future projects?

Tomiko Van: I will release an original piece in June. I?d like to release a second original album, too.

NP: Do you have any message for your fans living overseas?

Tomiko Van: Hi! Thank you very much for reading this interview! I am looking forward to meeting you some day. Love & Peace!

NP: Dear Tomiko, thank you very much for this interview.

Tomiko Van: You're welcome!