Links (Official & Fan Sites)

This is where I list good Tomiko Van related sites you should visit!! (^^) Official sites have a border around them.

If you want to contribute a site URL, just email me. =)

Official & Fan Sites - Site Construction/Help - Lyrics and Donations

Tomiko Van's Official Website : Her official site is full of information, and it even has a diary! It's a nice site, and you should visit it at least once...even if it's just for the video clips and pretty pictures of Van. =)

YesAsia (Store) : This isn't really an official site, BUT...if you want to buy Tomiko Van merchandise, this is the best place to go! Not only are they cheaper than most stores, they also offer FREE SHIPPING (for orders over $39). If your order is less than $39, shipping is still pretty cheap. It's usually under $10, and that's for rush delivery!!

CDJapan (Store) : They're also not an official site, and they're a bit more expensive than YesAsia, but they usually have a wider selection of merchandise. If YesAsia doesn't have what you want, you might just find it at CDJapan.

Amazon Japan : If you can't find what you're looking for on any of the above sites, then try Amazon Japan. (^^) I managed to find a lot of older CDs here, and they were pretty cheap too. The only downside: you have to know some Japanese in order to navigate the site.

I believe they do ship overseas, but it's recommended that you have a Japanese home address. Or at least know someone who lives in Japan, and ask them if you can use their address. ^^;

iTunes : Everyone should know what iTunes is. It's an application/store that lets you buy music. (^^) It's a great place to get popular music, AND hard-to-find songs as well. They also have a Japanese store (and stores in other countries too!), which you can learn how to access on this helpful site.

Zento: a Van Tomiko fansite : The creator this site, Motoko-chan, is probably best know for her Do As Infinity website called Do The Web. (^^) If you've ever visited that site, then you know what to expect on Van's site: tons of information, multimedia, pictures, and a gorgeous site layout. Another cool feature is that this website is available in English and French. I definitely recommend this site to all Van fans. =D

Map of The Heart : A massive Do As Infinity library. But it also keeps track of Tomiko Van's solo work. It's a VERY helpful site, plus it's easy to navigate; you don't have to be fluent in Japanese to go here. =)

DAIForum (Do As Infinity Forum) : The #1 forum for Do As Infinity, and all related projects (including Tomiko Van's solo career). Full of information, and really nice people. Highly recommended.