Links (Lyrics and Donations)

This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me with lyrics, and locating some hard-to-find files. (^^) I hope you visit all the links!

Official & Fan Sites - Site Construction/Help - Lyrics and Donations

Donations (Scans, CDs, MP3s, etc.)

Aznmp3 : Thanks to them, I got scans for Van's "Senkou" & "Yumeji" singles. (^^) Their current site (which is a torrent tracker) is a great place to find scans, and download rare music. I'm eternally grateful to these guys for all their help!!!

Asian Pop (website) : Sadly, this site doesn't exist anymore. But it had a HUGE collection of music, and was run by one of the DAIForum members. (Yahiko, I think?) Anyway...I got Van's "Flower" single from here. =)

Cloud_Honey : Thanks to her, I was able to get Van's "VOICE 1" album. I couldn't have made samples if it weren't for her. (^^) She also told me about, which is a site I desperately needed to find (especially after MediaMax/TheLinkUp ripped me off. ~_~) So again, thank you Cloud_Honey!! =D

Dawn, Wilma, and Kiwi Musume : These 3 ladies helped me find all the original songs that Van covered. It was REALLY hard trying to track some of them down, so I REALLY appreciate all the help they gave me.

MellowB, petgep, and Frozenbreak : And thanks to these 3 people, I was able to get the "VOICE 2" album and make all the samples on this site. I'm forever grateful to them. ^_^

totosquirt : Thanks to her, I was FINALLY able to get the rare instrumental/karaoke track to "Drive me nuts". Which I posted in the Downloads section so you can have it, too. ^__^

ANNA and nakayubihime : Thanks to these lovely ladies, I got the "Music Flower" PV, which I later ripped into an MP3. =D

Translations / Romaji

Xcomp : He's translated something for EVERY SITE HERE...although he used another alias at the time. See if you can guess what his old name was. ^___^

If I thanked him a million times, it wouldn't come close to how I really feel about him. This site would be nothing without him, and I'm truly grateful and blessed that he's helped me so much. I really hope we'll team up again in the future!

Corichan : Corichan (or "Cori" for short) is famous for romanizing Japanese lyrics. In fact, her site is the #1 place to go for romanizations. She's been a HUGE help to a lot of artists on this site, especially Do As Infinity. You can also request romaji lyrics from her!

yoshibiro (Komayoshi Alternative JPOP) : Thanks to them, I was able to get the romaji AND kanji for "You're the Only..". (^^) The site lives up to its name: you can find a lot of "alternative" -- or rare/overlooked -- lyrics here, including capsule and MEG. They offer these lyrics in romaji AND kanji, which is also really convenient and cool. =D

quartet4 : He translated several of Van's lyrics. And when he's not helping me out, he runs his own translation site. He's really really good at what he does. (^^) I'm extremely honored to have him be a part of my team.

allennokisi (DAIForum) : He was kind enough to summary two preview clips from "Otome", a mini-series that Van starred in. (^^) Thanks again, allennokisi; I really owe you!

*TangerineRaven* & OK! Ihay~! (DAIForum): Raven was kind enough to translate several lyrics from the "VOICE 1" album for me, and OK! translated "labyrinth". (^^) I'm very glad that I met them at DAIForum.

Also, please check out *TangerineRaven*'s SoundClick page -- she's a very talented musician, and you can hear some of her work here. =)

Bus ( : Bus also translated songs from "VOICE 1". (^^) I really appreciate his help, and I'm so glad I met him at AnimeLyrics.

...By the way, the site was called "", but they changed their URL to AnimeLyrics.TV -- please update all your bookmarks, and spread the word!!!

Megchan & Kiwi Musume : These two talented (and famous!) translators did a few translations (and romaji!) for me. They also revised several other lyrics on this site. (^^) So thanks to them, ALL the translations on this site are pretty accurate. (Japanese -> Romaji Converter) : I usually romanize lyrics by myself, but sometimes I feel tired (or lazy). And that's when I go to (^^) This nifty little site converts Japanese kanji into romaji!

To use the site, first you choose how you want the kanji to be formatted (I use the "separate text blobs" option, so the paragraphs/stanzas won't get broken into separate lines.) Then after you hit the "Click To Set" button, just paste your kanji lyrics and hit the "Convert" button.

Unfortunately, the converter does have a few flaws: it sometimes romanizes words incorrectly (ex: 君 is converted as "kun" instead of "kimi"). And it usually won't separate participles (ni, ga, de...) from regular words, especially if the word is written in hiragana instead of kanji (ex: ひとつで becomes "hitotsude", but 一つで is read as "hitotsu de").

But hey, if you just want romaji to sing to, this site is perfect. And if you know some Japanese (and have the actual song/MP3), you can easily clean the lyrics up yourself. ^^

Kanji/Other Lyrics

LyricWiki : This is a HUGE site that's similar to Wikipedia, but it's used for lyrics. Most of the lyrics are for mainstream English-speaking artists, but it does have lyrics in other languages. Including a few Do As Infinity kanji lyrics. ^^

Thanks to this site, I got the lyrics for both of Van's English covers: "If", and "Pretty Woman".

Parang Songs : This site (which is in English) has a nice collection of classic Spanish lyrics, including "Moliendo Café". (^^) Thanks to them, I was able to get the Spanish lyrics and the English translation to this wonderful song, and for that, I thank them.

Japan Listen : This is a HUGE music site featuring J-Pop, anime, and foreign music. (^^) You can buy music, and get free lyrics here. Thanks to them, I was able to (finally!) get the lyrics to "MUSIC FLOWER".