"Kitte no Nai Okuri-mono" (Tomiko Van/'VOICE' Short Version) [!!]
("A Gift With No Stamp" [Tomiko Van/'VOICE' Short Version])

Performed by: Kazuo Zaitsu (Original Version),
                       Tomiko Van

Lyrics & Composition: Kazuo Zaitsu

Arrangement: Nozomi Aoki (Original Version),
                       Tetsuya Takahashi (Tomiko Van/"VOICE" Short Version)

Song from at least:
[2 albums] - Big Artist Best Collection: Kazuo Zaitsu, VOICE ~cover you with love~

»Romaji, and Layout Designed by: Oasis Heart3 (WAFTF)

»Translation by: *TangerineRaven* (DAIForum.com)
»Lyrics Revised by: Megchan (WAFTF & Megchan.com)

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Watashi kara anata e
Kono uta o todokeyou
Hiroi sekai ni tatta hitori no
Watashi no suki na anata e

Yume no nai anata e
Kono uta o todokeyou
Aisuru koto no yorokobi o shiru
Mahou jikake no kono uta o

Wakare yuku anata ni
Kono uta o todokeyou
Sabishii toki ni utatte hoshii
Tooi sora kara kono uta o

Watashi no suki na anata e

I'll send you this song,
From me to you...
To you, my beloved,
All alone in this wide world.

I'll send you this song...
You, who has no dream,
Take this magical song
So that you may know the joy of love.

I'll send you this song,
You, to whom I bid farewell...
I want you to listen to it when you're lonely,
This song from the faraway sky.

To you, my beloved.
Oasis Heart3's Note:
[!!] This is a REALLY weird song, and for several reasons. (><;) First, I can't really find it on any of Kazuo's older albums/singles...and I heard this was the theme song for some TV program a long time ago. Not only that, but the song is supposed to be super popular in Japan. Most TV shows release music CDs, to further promote their show (and make more money)...and since the song was really popular, at least one CD SHOULD have been released, right? But I don't think that ever happened, and I have a theory why...

     My guess is that when Mr. Zaitsu wrote the song, the TV station owned the rights to it, and he wasn't able to place it on his own albums. Then years later, he was able to feature it on "best" collection CDs (and eventually do a remake in 2004) because the TV station's contract expired, or he took them to court and won back the rights to his song.

     And then, there's another weird problem with the song too, and it relates to the LYRICS this time.

     From what I've seen online (on various lyric sites), there are actually SIX stanzas in this song (plus one extra line at the end). However...when Tomiko Van sang the song, she did an abbreviated version. She only sang half of the song (so she sang 3 out of 6 stanzas). She literally would one verse, then skip the next verse, etc.

     And then, there's the original version of the song, which was done by Kazuo Zaitsu. I haven't found an actual MP3 yet (I ended up finding a video for it on YouTube and I ripped the audio from there)...but that video seems to have an abbreviated version of the song, too. In the video, Kazuo sang all of the verses EXCEPT for the "Yume no nai" one (so he sang 5 out of 6 stanzas). Another "interesting" fact is that, while Kazuo didn't sing the "Yume no nai" part, Van DID sing this part in her version of the song...

     ...But there you go. The fact is, right now I only have abbreviated versions of this song. (><;) I'm still looking for the full/official version, and hopefully I'll find it someday.

     To keep things less confusing, I ended up making two sets of lyrics:
  1. ORIGINAL VERSION LYRICS: I kept ALL 6 stanzas. But the stanza that WASN'T sung has been marked with red.

  2. TOMIKO VAN/SHORT VERSION LYRICS: I only kept the stanzas that she sung (so 3 stanzas were omitted from her lyrics).