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Exciting, Unbelievable News!
(posted on March 20, 2010)

I originally posted this in Do As Infinity's "New" section, but it applies to Van and I really should post it here too!!!

Van is going to model swimwear!!

Hiroko Koshino, a Japanese fashion designer, is creating a new line of swimwear...and she chose Van (as well as several other women) to model it.  Apparently, her granddaughter (who is very young) is a BIG fan of Do As Infinity, and she requested Van to be in the show.  Van was honored, and said "Yes"!

Here's an excerpt from the article (which also had an interview!):

...Even though she's very conservative (and is rarely photographed wearing tight or revealing clothes), she also likes Ms. Koshino's fashion: "I've always liked her designs.  She's such an inspiration, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I had to say yes!  I'm extremely honored and still very shocked about it! I didn't even know that Ms. Koshino knew I existed!!"

When asked about Keiko, Ms. Koshino's granddaughter, Van said: "Keiko's a very sweet and funny child. She's so cute, and she's really smart!  She owns all of our CDs, and I told her I'd sign them all if she wanted me to!"

No word if the granddaughter will get backstage passes for the next Do As Infinity concert. (I'll bet she does!!!)

The interview asked a lot of other questions too, including how many outfits Van will model; if she'll write a promotional song for Koshino's fashion line
; and if this experience will inspire a new Do As Infinity song. They also asked her about the future plans of Do As Infinity.

For more information, and a small preview image, please visit this thread on DAIForum!! :D
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