"Otome" Episode Summaries

Ep. 34: Kirikaeru Otome ("Girl in Transition")
-Summarized by allennokisi

She's an assistant at a TV studio and gets chewed out daily apparently. Riding her motorbike makes her feel good and she says to the turtle, "you're the only one I can trust".

Ep. 36: Jirazu Otome ("Girl Who Flirts Too Much")
-Summarized by allennokisi

I suppose they were gonna get it on, she rambles to herself a bit and cops out in the end.

Oasis Heart3's Note: There's a similar phrase -- "jirazu onna" -- which means...um, "cock-tease" (or a woman who pretends to be "easy", meaning she does a LOT of flirting, but doesn't have sex with the man afterwards).

     But instead of writing the title as "Cock-teasing Girl", I reworded it as "Girl Who Flirts Too Much". I think it pretty much implies the same thing. Plus, now the title doesn't sound quite as...blunt. ^^;