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Tomiko Van

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     On September 29, 2005 -- exactly 6 years after Do As Infinity formed -- the band split up.
     But that's not the end of the story...

Unlike Ryo & Dai (who released their solo CDs in July 2005), Van waited to make her solo debut. When she finally resurfaced in March 2006, the world was surprised.

Her "Do As Infinity"-styled music and vocals were gone. Van's new style of music had a jazz/pop feel to it. And her songs are slower than before. Her debut album, "Farewell", couldn't have had a better name...

But one thing that hasn't changed is her gorgeous, powerhouse voice. Her new style may take some getting used to, but soon you might find yourself enjoying her songs. They have this magical way of growing on you. Maybe it's because of Van's voice...or maybe it's because of her lyrics. You be the judge...since I'll provide you with enough samples, translated lyrics, information and downloads to do so. ^_^

In case you don't know who Van is, here's a little more info:

  • Name: Tomiko Van (伴   都美子)
  • Birthday: January 9, 1979
  • Birthplace: Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Height: 163cm (5'5")
    Other Facts
  1. Her last name (伴) is Japanese and traditionally written as "Ban". However, "V" and "B" are indistinguishable in Japanese (ex: ボルト can be read as "volt" or "bolt"). So she chose to write her last name as "Van" instead.

  2. The first song she ever composed was "message."
Tomiko Van is best known as the lead vocalist (and one of the lyricists) for Do As Infinity. She's often referred to by fans as "Van", "Ban", "Van-chan" or "Ban-chan"...but there's also a rumor that she has a childhood nickname ("Tonko") that she doesn't like at all. xD

Surprisingly, Van is a high school dropout (although she did eventually return and get her diploma). During her days as a dropout, she became a singer at a local club. In May 1999, she auditioned to be part of Do As Infinity, and within 2 days she recorded her first song with the group.

Van later returned to high school, and studied modeling at Tokyo Modeling School. Shortly afterwards (I'm sure due to her modeling talent, beauty, and Do As Infinity's fame), she received a modeling contract with LaVenus hair care products, and starred in 6 of their commercials. Some of the commercials also used Do As Infinity songs, such as "Tsubasa no Keikaku" and "nice & easy"; the latter song was specifically made for a commercial.

Starring in commercials must have inspired Van to try acting, because shortly afterwards she had more acting roles. Her first noted role was doing seiyuu (voiceover) work for a minor anime character: she played Kanade in the 4th InuYasha movie, "Fire on the Mystic Island". Ryo Owatari (the guitarist in Do As Infinity) also had a small acting part in the movie: he played the village lookout/messenger. Do As Infinity also did the ending theme for the movie, "Rakuen". (And as you may know, Do As Infinity has a history of working with InuYasha. They also did two of the ending themes for the TV show: "Fukai Mori" and "Shinjitsu no Uta".)

Later on, Van had a small acting role in the movie "Heat Island" (she played Minami, a cafe bar manager), and she had the starring role in the Japanese version of "Brooklyn", a Broadway musical.

Van also starred in several episodes of a mini-drama series called "Otome". There's hardly any English information on the series, but it looks like it deals with different people and different situations. Perhaps it's a "six degrees of separation"-type of show, where everyone has some sort of connection to each other? I don't know. (^^;;) Anyway...I posted video clips, websites, and a bit more information on this series -- and all of her acting roles -- on her "Acting" page.

Van had a pretty good solo career. Sadly, she didn't gain as much popularity as she did in Do As Infinity, but she had a good run nonetheless. Now that Do As Infinity is back together, perhaps Van will be able to work with the group AND release solo CDs. And this time around, her solo work might be more popular, and it might have a more vibrant sound than before. Only time will tell. ^^

Feel free to visit the rest of her site, and I hope you enjoy yourself!! ^_^