VOICE 1 ~Original Artist Comments~

Random Notes/Facts
1. I used Babelfish to translate this, and then I tried to fix/make sense out of the "broken English" it gave me. So there might be a few mistakes, but overall I think everything is okay.

2. In Ann Lewis' note, she wrote サンQ, which is a pun/cute way to say "sankyuu" ("thank you"). ^^

「VOICE ~Cover you with love~」原曲歌手コメント
»Original Text: http://avexnet.or.jp/van/discography

< 川村結花 >

Wishing you great success on your new album !
<Ann Lewis(アンルイス)>


"VOICE ~Cover you with love" Original Artist Comments
»Translation by: BabelFish and Oasis_heart3

"It was very kind of you to cover my song.
You performed flawlessly and with nice, gentle vocals.
I love your version, and thank you again."
-Yuka Kawamura (original artist, "home")

"I'm delighted you chose this song!
You have a nice voice, Van-san. Thank you [for covering my song]~
Wishing you great success on your new album!"
-Ann Lewis (original artist, "Yoru ni Kizutsuite")

"Thank you for your splendid cover."
-Motoharu Sano (original artist, "Kanojo")

Something Else That's Cool...
At DAIForum.com, it's common for people to post ANY news they discover about Van, Dai, or Ryo. (^^) So lately, there's been a LOT of discussion around Van's cover album, "VOICE ~Cover you with love~".

One thread mentioned that Ann Lewis gave Van a thank-you gift. (^^) Ann Lewis started her own fashion brand, PUKKABAKKA, and she gave Van the ring you see below.

Ann Lewis seems to be VERY impressed with Van, huh? ^^

Van & the ring Ann Lewis gave her
(That is a HUGE ring, isn't it? *O*)